Happy News!

It’s a 3 cuppa tea morning.  Plus, it’s cold so, why not?  *slurp*

We spent the weekend together yet again.  It’s sappy sounding, but we love hanging together.  It’s so amazing to genuinely enjoy hanging out with your all-in-one best friend, Love, and now: husband!  Yes, we tied the knot last fall.  So happy!



We promptly took our honeymoon trip out to Sedona, AZ were we went together when we first met back in 2005.  It was a dream trip filled with an amazing little Airbnb nestled on a (large) sandbar in the middle of Oak Creek.  We slept the mornings away and he took me around to see all his old haunts from when he used to live there in 2010-2012 (I think).  My most favorite day was the day we drove up stream quite a bit then climbed down into the river valley and fished for trout.  That was an amazingly good meal that night.  Mmm!


Oak Creek Canyon


Fresh caught trout!


Announcements aside….

Currently we are planning a couple little DIY projects for my new “nursery” room.  Don’t get too excited, this is the gardening type of nursery.  First, we are turning the arbor backdrop we used in our wedding into a plant shelving unit in my son’s old bedroom.


the arbor

At 22 years old, my oldest moved out last year.  The arbor happens to fit nicely along one wall of his bedroom and just needs some wood shelves and some bracing (for stability) to make it into a little nursery heaven for germinating seedlings.  We went to a local big box hardware store, but didn’t find anything in the right size and economical .  We try to keep things low budget.  So instead, hubby will shop around some more.  Once it’s built, I’ll bring the grow lights in from the garage in order to see how many more of those I need to buy.  I’m so excited about the new space to grow seedlings AND the warmth of growing in the house instead of the cold garage!  I am already imagining VAST success with peppers this summer!!

The other project we’re planning is a potting workbench for that room.  (Sorry no photo yet for this one.)  There was a kit we saw for about $60, but it was on the large side, plus the hubs feels he might be able to build something similar for less.  I like that because then he can make it a little smaller to better fit the dimensions of the “nursery”, which is also our guest room and must fit a cot for our son to use when he sleeps back at home sometimes.  Heck I might sleep in there on occasion for the nice oxygen benefits. 😉

Okay, so here’s where I admit we dropped the ball, big time.  It’s January… LATE January, and we have yet to get our layer of wood chips down to rest on our garden.  Heh.  After the wedding and honeymoon, came the bills *cough, cough* and then an opportunity to do some shuffling around of our vehicles… we finally bought a TRUCK!!!  (So happy!)  And yet… we failed to break that truck in with its first big load of wood chips.

We’ve been busy.  That common excuse for procrastinating important tasks.

Now we are faced with sourcing some aged wood chips, and fast.  And now, we do not have time to put it off due to less than ideal weather.  I mean, it’s almost Februrary – the coldest part of our winter, typically.  So far, it’s just been really wet, not much snow.  So now there’s not even the possibility to drive the truck around into the back yard to dump the chips right over the fence into the garden.  The yard is SOAKED. And by soaked, I mean a small 2″ deep pond in the path we would need to drive.  NOT HAPPENING.

Why do we do these things to ourselves??? *cries*