Full Life

This place… so full of life, it’s bursting at the seams.

Rose of Sharon in bloom

We have been away on a family vacation, and thus now the garden feels overgrown and producing quickly. The rain while we were away split many a tomato. It’s just been too wet. Maybe we should have picked them before we left and let them window sill ripen?Regardless, these should be darker when ripe.

Purple Cherokees… yet to ripen

The sweet banana peppers are abundant as usual, and being pickled. Although, neither Bob or I have ever pickled or eaten pickled banana peppers before. We’ll try some recipes and see, so recipes welcome. 🙂

This is one of six or more of these plants

It seems everything grew noticeably while we were away, but what was the biggest producer?

The Cukes…

Bread and Butter Spears to be!

The squash wasn’t too far behind…


For weeks I’ve been waiting for the bolted lettuces to produce seed I can harvest.

The lettuces are my babies. We each kind of have our gardens we tend. Mine is the little shed-side garden, a 12 x 3′ raised bed. His bed is a 20 x 30′ partially raised bed (there’s a dip we filled to level). But we both look in on each other’s handiwork daily.

Since the lettuce bolted, I planted some more. Some seeds didn’t come up, one packet of assorted lettuces didn’t have a single seed sprout. I’ll be tossing that package out. (Note to self: toss that out!) Out several varieties I planted that day, the basil is doing the best. And it smells soooo good.


Basil, mmm…

While these pesto-wannabes start taking off, the bolted lettuces have one or two dried seed flowers that I could finally pick. This is my first time collecting lettuce seeds. I’m putting them in envelopes from Sow True Seed. They always seem to send some seed saving envelopes in the orders I’ve received from them; and, I’ve been saving up those envelopes.


There’s not yet a lot, but I expect there soon will be, of this, and of buttercrunch.

Here’s the red leaf with plenty more closed-up flowers waiting to dry out and become seeds.


And the buttercrunch in the same state…


And as a silly aside…

Here’s one of Bob & I’s favorite places on earth…


Our chair, our reclining double chair… for stargazing you see!


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